How To Celebrate Your Golden Birthday

A golden birthday or a champagne as its popularly known is one of the most unique days in a person’s life. This is because the day comes only once in a person’s life.

If you don’t know what a golden birthday is, this is the day when a person turns the same age as the date of his/her birth. For example, it would be your golden birthday if you were born on 25th and you are cerebrating your 25th birthday.

Since this is a once in a lifetime occasion, you should cerebrate it thoroughly. Some of the things that you can do during this special day include:

Taking a trip

A trip is ideal for teens and adults. Here you should take a trip to a golden place such a Golden Gate Bridge. When in such a place you should use a ship with the word “gold” on it.

If there is a special place you have always wanted to go, this is the best time to visit the place. To preserve the memories, you should take as many photos as possible during this special day. Once you have the photos, you should place them in a gold photo album.

Hold a gold themed party in your house

If you are not in the mood of going out, you should hold a party in your house. Here you should decorate your house with gold details such as balloons, streamers, cutlery, and napkins.

You should ensure that you have a golden birthday cake. The cake can take different forms. For example, it can take the form of a treasure chest for a pirate theme. The cake can also take the form of a golden egg for mother goose.

Another great idea is to mold the cake in the shape of your special birthday number. For example, if your special number is 20, you should ensure that the cake takes this number.

If you have been invited to the party, you should ensure that you choose the right gift to give to the celebrant. Here you should ensure that you buy a gift that is related to the big day.

Some of the great gifts that you can give out are: two dozen roses for a lady turning 24, a set of bracelets, or a golden bracelet with a given number of charms.

Once the party is over, it’s a tradition to give something to your guests to take home. Here you can give out bags or boxes of gold fish crackers, chocolate coins or gel pens.

Five Tips for Multigenerational Travel

A healthier baby boomer population is making waves in the travel industry. Rather than missing out on the vacations their children and grand kids take each year, the older generations are opting to join them.

Multigenerational travel has been steadily on the rise in recent years. So far in 2014, 40% of people in the United States have taken a multigenerational trip, and this phenomenon is only increasing. Here are five tips to keep in mind if you are planning your own multigenerational vacation.

1) Involve all members of the family in the planning

Sometimes family members can try to be easygoing by saying that they don’t mind what they do on vacation. But of course, everyone cares at least a little about doing activities they like, and you don’t want to overtax very young children or grandparents, so make an extra effort to make their opinions heard.

2) Give them choices

Speaking of those activities, be sure to have an array of choices. Different people like to do different things, so take the pressure off by making it clear that everyone doesn’t have to participate in every activity, and that there will be something else to do if they decline a family outing that’s not their cup of tea.

3) Keep it short and sweet

If you’re taking a vacation with your family, then you must want to spend time with each other. But staying for longer than a week or two can lead to boredom and restlessness, which can then lead to irritability. End it on a high note and avoid any unpleasant experiences. You’ll be glad you did.

4) Schedule time apart

Remember to take a break from the activities for a bit and give everyone a chance to unwind. Even the most active family members will appreciate a few minutes to themselves, and those who are older or less active can recharge and be ready for more family fun.

5) Consider everyone’s budget

Everyone likes to spend money their own way, so really take other family members’ spending habits into account when planning your multigenerational vacation. Also, take the time to discuss who is paying for what before the bill comes to avoid any uncomfortable situations. A little communication can avoid a lot of embarrassment.

Five Stunning Places to Make You Fall in Love With China

In my time in China I have been privileged to visit countless places of beauty and cultural interest. Here are my five most stunning places that i have been to in the Middle Kingdom.

1. The Summit of Emei Shan. Sichuan province

Emei Shan is a mountain is Sichuan province and one of the four sacred holy mountains of China. The climb is over a series of dominating peaks and there is a 40km short route, or a 60 km long route, both of which involve trekking through dense mountain forest paths and endless stone steps, along with not so friendly monkeys that ambush you on bridges in attempt to steal any food and drink exposed on your person. Along the way are numerous Buddhist monasteries and temples and the solitude given from the remote location makes there something extremely spiritual about this place. After one or two long days hike to the summit base camp. There is a further 2 hour ascent up stone steps or a cable car that enables you to short cut this final step to the summit. Once arriving at the very top after all that hard work. The sunrise rising over the serene sea of clouds below you leaves you silent. All the effort of getting to the top suddenly becomes obviously worthwhile.

2. The stunning Li River, Guilin to Yangshuo, Guanxi province.

According to an old Chinese proverb Guilin scenery is the best in the world, and Yangshuo scenery is the best in Guilin. The Limestone Karst landscape creates an unparalleled scene of triangular shaped sharp peaks rising up from the ground and reflecting the sun into the clear river water. The small rafts that you can take typically last 4 hours and during this time you can relax and swim in the pristine river. Such a place for any natural world lover is an absolute paradise and is some of the most photogenic scenery in the entire world.

3. The mountain ascent of Hua Shan, Shanxi province.

‘Splendid Mountain’. Close by the old capital of Xian and the Terracotta army is famous for its dangerous looking chain walkways and 2km sheer drops. The mountain has 4 peaks, a North, East, South and Western peak and in the four are connected by a complex multitude of different mountain paths, making it easy to lose your way on the trail. Along the wider, better travelled stretches of mountain paths and steps you will see endless padlocks and red bands symbolising good luck and prosperity. Many of the smaller paths are surrounded by sudden drops and Chains are anchored into the rock to prevent you from falling to the bottom. On one stretch of the mountain there is just a 30cm outcrop with no chain posts. I love Hua Shan because this mountain gives you a feel for the insignificance of man and the great power of nature, along with some stunning views from the peaks.

4. The Great Wall of China, Beijing.

The place everyone knows, it wasn’t until 9 months after I started teaching English in China that I finally went to see for myself the great wall. Take the time and pay a little extra to go to a less touristy spot. The wall stretching across endless mountains makes it hard to believe that building such a thing is within human capability. Although the recreated and renovated tourist stretches are great for showing what the wall looked like at its peak, I believe it is important to see the real, actual wall which was standing there at the time of the Invading Mongolian tribes obstructing their path and protecting China. Travelling further West from Beijing to as far as Xian there are numerous stretches of original, old wall, in some places now barely visible. Seeing both old and new gives you and appreciation for the history and reasons behind this great world structure.

5. The Giant Pandas, Chengdu, Sichuan province.

The Giant Panda is such a beautiful creature and that they are almost impossible to see in the wild. Sichuan province’s provincial capital Chengdu is home to the only Giant Panda breeding research centre in the world, inexpensive to enter and home to a large number of both giant and red pandas, it is no surprise that this station is so popular. The first time you peak around the corner of the simulated natural bamboo forest enclosure to see these cute gentle giants is enough to captivate any traveller.

Doing Clubs The Right Way

What You Need to Know About Male Strippers When girl’s have fun, they really have fun; this proves to be true when they have male strippers around, whether it’s a bridal shower or a simple night-out for the ladies. There’s really no fun in doing the same thing over and over, so why not do something new? A show with male strippers may just be the best idea. Now that wouldn’t hurt right? Traditionally, when women want to go out. it’s just either between a night at the disco or the bar. This may be fun in the beginning but if starts to get into a routine, then it becomes really boring that maybe spending weekend at home sounds even better. The problem with this, is that you have to deal with so many things like the crowd, the drunk men who misbehave, the squeezing-in just to get to the bathroom, and may more. So why not just book for a place where you don’t have to worry about the crowd? Today, there are numerous exotic clubs that hold male strippers, who can make your night sizzle minus the stress and hassle. These are professionals who are not drunk and will just be there so sizzle your night. Are you an independent woman who works for herself? If you are so, then it’s time to treat yourself with the pleasure of watching a great show and parade of the sexiest men around. These exotic clubs aim at giving nothing but fun to their customers; it’s not just fun but a unique experience unlike any other. Prepare yourself for a night of unexpected fun and excitement that you have never experienced and seen before. You are sure to be entertained and alive throughout the show, with the great fit bodies of the male strippers, dancing and entertaining you and your girlfriends. It will be your choice on who you prefer to dance and complete the event for you; all the selection process happens upon booking.
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When people say the atmosphere where the male strippers are, is intense and electrifying, it’s not given justice until you are there personally. What makes these perfectly muscled bodies even more exciting is the fact that there are lights and music that create an atmosphere of sensual pleasure and at the same time, fun. Being sexy can indeed spread into every lady in the room; when the male strippers exude sexiness, it will also make the clients feel good about themselves.The Path To Finding Better Clubs

A Simple Plan For Researching Experts

Finding Real Magic Spells Looking for real magic spells is a tough job but prior to looking for the spells that work, then there are a few things that you must know. You should know that magic doesn’t only come from the spell. The magic comes from yourself and the energy and also the vibrations are created through the intentions and desires that you have. A spell is a tool which you can use so that you will be able to blase the power that you have into the universe and make it work. It is believed that every person has a magical power. There is energy which comes from each individual and also from the other living and non-living things. Moreover, there is energy between various things that connect everything together and this allows the planet to move, make the stars twinkle and allow the winds to blow. Such omnipresent energy is flexible and it also flows freely and is definitely powerful too. This is the same energy that you call and use to create your magic. When you look for real magic spells, you must first check yourself. You should be able to find the power in yourself and you can let this happen through convincing and believing yourself and the power and also the energy that surrounds all things. You mus be fully convinced that the magic is going to work and that you can have the results you wish to see. Because the magic’s power comes from the intentions, desires and the wishes that you have, then you need to have that firm belief that it is going to work to make the magic strong and be sure that the magic is powerful. Moreover, the second thing that allow the magic spell to work is the way that you cast it. When you don’t give full attention in the way that you cast your spell, it will not work. It is really important that you have that strong commitment and belief that the spell is going to work. If you just mumble on the spell and not give attention and care, then expect that the magic spell will fail. You must be able to give your effort and also your concentration. To let the magic spells work, you must go through the ritual with all of your heart and say every word clearly and with full conviction. When you are able to do so, then you can tap in the real magic power that you have within yourself. The spell will work so that power is released and accomplish your intentions and your goals.
The Beginners Guide To Experts (Chapter 1)
You have to understand too that the result of the magic won’t take place at once. You need to be patient and open since the results can take place in several ways.The Beginners Guide To Experts (Finding The Starting Point)

What You Should Know About Trips This Year

Planning Your Austin Tour If you want to visit a place where your whole family will have a good time, you should visit Austin, TX. There are many attractions and activities to do in Austin for the whole family. There are historical attractions as well as modern marvels for you to see. You should plan well for your visit to the city. Planning will ensure you have the best trip; one that you will remember. Below are three important things to keep in mind when planning your trip: Where Will You Stay? Look for a place to stay in Austin before you leave for the city. The city has many types of accommodation where you can stay but it’s good to book in advance to avoid the last minute hassle for trying to find a particular accommodation. If you love luxury travel, there are 5-star hotels that you can check into. You can search and book accommodation in Austin through the Internet. If you book a place to stay in advance, you may be entitled to a discount. If you are traveling with your family, find out whether the place you want to stay offers discounts for booking multiple rooms.
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What to Do
Why Tours Aren’t As Bad As You Think
Go online and research on the activities you can do in Austin, TX. There are many attractions in the city. Some of the popular activities you can do in Austin include going on float trips, checking out historical monuments, catch the Austin brew bus among others. To know the activities to do during your visit, research in advance. You can check Austin travel forums online to for recommendations on the places to visit and things to do. Alternatively, hire local tour guides to take you and your family around the city. How will You Reach Austin? If you live in a nearby state, you may be able to reach Austin by driving or taking the train. You may also need to fly to the city if you are coming from a state that is far away. Before you book your flight, compare the ticket prices of different airlines. If you book your ticket in advance, you may be given a discount. If you will need more than one ticket, perhaps because you are traveling with your family, you may also be entitled to a discount. Check the price of tickets with the airline that you want to fly with. Alternatively, search online for price comparison websites to see which airlines offer the cheapest tickets to Austin. If you want to enjoy you trip or vacation in Austin, you should plan well. When you plan, you will avoid the last minute hassles of trying to get an affordable flight ticket or accommodation. The above are some of the things you should keep in mind when planning a trip to Austin.

Traveling: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

How to Search for Texas Wine Tours When most people think about Texas, they think about the same kinds of things. There are typically very distinct associations that people make with Texas, especially if they have never been there before. There is one thing that a lot of people really don’t ever seem to associate with Texas and that is wine. Whether you believe it or you don’t, Austin, TX offers amazing wine tours and they are very popular with people from all over the country. Texas has a great culture in general, but the wine tours that they have are definitely one of the fine gems that people forget about when they think of Texas. Although these wine tours are not nearly as popular as wine tours in other areas of the world, they are definitely worth the look. The Germans settled in Texas about a hundred years ago and they brought the grapes with them. These Germans are the ones that realized grapes grew so well in the ground in Texas, so this is how vineyards were born. There are some vineyards within the region that specialize in different types of wines, so that is something that you might want to look into.
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When you are going on a tour in Austin, TX, you are going to find that they will take you to each of the local wineries and typically, you will also get a free meal as well. These wineries are definitely geared to attract all kinds of people, so you will find something that you like no matter what. Every year, there are more people that come to Texas for the wine tours than the year before. If you decide to go on these wine tours, you are definitely going to be able to find a lot more in the rural areas of Texas that you otherwise wouldn’t think about visiting.
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There are usually so many different options to choose from when it comes to wine tours just because so many different companies offer tours. There is a lot of information on the internet about many different companies and the options that you provide, so be sure to check that out. There are some wineries that use grapes that they import and other ones that use grapes they grow themselves. You will most definitely be able to tell the difference in taste between these two options, so it is something that you will want to consider when choosing the winery that you plan to visit.